Emanang Nokeng North West

Child Protection Programmes

Day- and after care Projects

Mentoring and/or the development of day care centres presenting early childhood development programmes, as well as centres for the after care of school-going children in the communities.

Children from poverty-stricken areas do not normally have access to daycare centres, because it is not affordable for their caregivers/parents. By means of Emanang Nokeng√Ęs involvement at daycare centres, these much-needed services become accessible to these vulnerable children. It further prevents children from staying alone at home or loitering in the streets of disadvantaged communities where they become vulnerable to crime and exploitation.

Activities presented provide educational growth. The centres strive towards meeting the basic physical, religious, emotional and psychological needs.

Early signs of child abuse and neglect can be detected at an early stage and be addressed. Service delivery to these children can be monitored as well.

Examples of such centres are as follows:

  • Utlwanang Community Care Centre in Utlwanang, Christiana
  • Arethusanang One Stop Service in Boitumelong, Bloemhof

Development Resources

More privileged communities are motivated and mobilised to become involved in disadvantaged communities.

Because communities are mobilised to address the social problems within their own communities, volunteers in the different communities are recruited and trained on a continuous basis.

Upcoming community-based organisations can also approach Emanang Nokeng West Rand for mentorship activities. These upcoming and developmental organisations are mentored to a level where they can function independently and sustainably.