Jeugland Home for the Aged, Vanderbijlpark (074-528NPO)

Where do we work and what services do we offer?

Jeugland Home for the Aged has been delivering  comprehensive, professional 24 hour nursing services to frail and vulnerable elderly people since 1977. Jeugland also deliver the following services:

* Caring of 132 senior citizens in Jeugland Home for the Aged. * Lease accommodation for self-sufficient elderly in houses. * Life usufruct accommodation for senior citizens in the Kiewietsnes Retirement villages. * Service Centre for senior citizens in the community. * Active aging programmes for the elderly.

The Service Centre has already been in existence since 1997.

The main aim of Jeugland Service Centre for Seniors is to render a service in the community, to promote family stability and protect it. Along with this, Jeugland Service Centre for Seniors also provides food, medical care, general caring, community-based projects related to self-help, empowerment and skills development. Socialisation is promoted by means of weekly gatherings and outings in the luxury bus.

The Service Centre also possesses Section 18 A status; a plus for prospective donors.

Lodging fees within the care unit from 1 March 2021 to 28 February 2022 amounts to R9 920 pm per person, and R 10 760.00 per month for en-suite unit of which there are currently 6. This includes the following: all meals, laundry, house-cleaning services, a safe environment as well as 24-hour medical assistance service.


Katinka Nel

Administrative officer
Elzette Germishuizen

Chief Nurse
Liezel-Mari Naude

Social worker
Elchristie Oberholzer


Street address:

10 Conan Doyle Street

Postal address:

PO Box 59

Contact Details:

Tel: 016 933 3995

Fax: 086 501 5058