NG Welfare Klerksdorp (074-506 NPO)

Where do we work and what services do we offer?

Klerksdorp is situated on the national road to the South, approximately 50 km from Potchefstroom.

NG Welfare Klerksdorp renders professional social welfare services to all people, regardless of race, creed or gender.  We focus our programs on Child Care & Protection, Family support and Human Resource Development.  NG Welfare also focuses on the needs of the community and on poverty relief and guidance of infected and affected people due to HIV and Aids.  Our work is aimed at developing self-reliance and empowering people to help themselves.

NG Welfare Klerksdorp is acknowledged as a designated Child Protection Organization. The organisation is involved on a daily basis with services to prevent child abuse and neglect, but which also in some instances require certain measures, such as statutory intervention, to protect children in accordance with the provisions of the Children’s Act.

Some of the projects we offer to reach our goals are the following:

  1. Child Protection Campaign Puppet show for learners to educated and informed children with the ability to make positive decisions regarding their own social wellbeing and with knowledge regarding their rights and responsibilities
  2. Grief care group with children to support them to grow through grief, learn to accept and deal with their loss.
  3. Group work, with teenagers (“Being comfortable with me”) with behavior problems, to empowered them with the necessary skills to function as a responsible citizen                 

We strive to develop our services as well as sustain these services to the communities of Klerksdorp, Orkney, Stilfontein, Hartbeesfontein (everybody except Reformed Church members), Dominionville and Jouberton Ward 8 & 10.

Paid Services:

  1. Registered at Metropolitan Health to assist with EAP
  2. Mediation Services
  3. Supervision services: contact between children and divorce parents
  4. Assessment of children

Exhibition projects: National Women’s day function that has been presented successfully for a period of 23 years.


Street address:

5 Halgryn Street

Postal address:

PO Box 1037

Contact Details:

Tel: 018 462 9887/8