NG WELFARE – we touch lives and give hope

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NG Welfare is the registered welfare organisation of the Dutch Reformed Church in the North West Province and in the Vaal and West Rand regions of Gauteng. We render services to all people, regardless of race, creed or gender.
We have branches in North West and Gauteng.


The church’s earliest aid was predominantly targeted as poverty alleviation by means of the provision of food, clothing and shelter. Over the years, since establishment in 1937 as “Randse Armsorgraad” (Rand Poverty Alleviation Council), the service developed into a full generic social work service. In 1995, a Section 21 Company, called NG Welfare, was established to managed this dynamic organisation. It is governed by a Board of Directors and managed locally by management personnel with the aid of Community Advisory Boards. NG Welfare is also a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930 003 679).

During the establishment of the organisation services rendered focus on poverty alleviation and the needs of women and children. The target group was mainly members of the Dutch Reformed Church. Today, the focus of service delivery is still the same, but there is no discrimination regarding gender, creed, and race or religious affiliation. Currently only 12% of beneficiaries are still members of the NG Church (Dutch Reformed Church).


The family and child care services focuses on the needs of individual clients and families. This includes the protection and safeguarding of vulnerable children. The breaking up of families often is accompanied by several social problems such as poverty, the impact of HIV and Aids, crime committed by adults and children as well as alcohol and drug dependency. NG Welfares family retention programme focuses on the family as a core unit in the community. The need for services of this nature is timeless, it is an ongoing and increasing need as a result of the increase in social problems within our community. Trends are that the intensity and complexity of cases have increased seriously and marital and family violence is increasing. Children are increasingly exposed to neglect. Several group and community work projects focuses on the early identification and prevention of these problems and the community is equipped to address their own mutual problems. NG Welfare is committed to touch lives and bring hope.

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NG WELFARE – we touch lives and give hope