The boy with the blue eyes

After several warnings, I as a young social worker had to do the horrible task … removal!

I remember the tears in the parents’ eyes, the anxious look on their faces, the pain and the non-verbal pleading for ‘only one more chance’

I remember how my colleague tried to reassure the boy in the car, rocking him to sleep.

His eyes were wild, like my heartbeat.

My first removal.

At the shelter, I saw for the first time, the pain those little blue eyes carried.

Dirty toes, burn marks, red buttocks.

My heart feels better … did I do the right thing, or not?

A week passes … beep beep … it is photos.

The boy with the blue eyes is unrecognizable.

His eyes were lively, his tummy packed and the ‘social worker’ heart was happy.

It was indeed in the best interests of the child with the blue eyes … see for yourself!

Thank God for the wisdom and knowledge!

* We had his face blurred to protect his identity, but he was clearly very happy!

The boy with the blue eyes

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