You can still lead a full life with Parkinson’s disease

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On 11 April it was World Parkinson’s Day. Parkinson’s disease is a brain defect which gradually makes you lose muscle control. However, Thinus and uncle KP are examples of persons at NG Welfare that still lead a full life.

Thinus Jooste (55) is the handyman at Jeugland Home for the Elderly in Vanderbijlpark. He was already diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2003. Thinus underwent a DPS (Deep Brain Stimulatory) operation and his quality of life has improved ever since. This operation stimulates the brain so that the trembling subsides. Thinus has already been working at Jeugland for a year and we believe many years still await him here with us!

Uncle KP van der Walt (76), a resident of Koster Home for the Elderly, has suffered from this sickness the past 5 years. His son is an anaesthetist in Pretoria and it gives his health a huge boost since he can take him to the top neurologists in Pretoria. He has a farm with cattle on it and still attends auctions. He also still plays bowls. With his doctor’s permission he even drives into town regularly!

You can still lead a full life with Parkinson’s disease

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