Who and What is NG Welfare?

NG Welfare is a welfare organisation with the aim of bringing some token of God’s love to people in need.


The optimal functioning of the individual, family and community to the glory of God.


NG Welfare is committed to rendering a comprehensive professional welfare service.


Faith, hope and love in action

  • We render family and child care services, care for older persons and community work services.
  • NG Welfare deals with family problems such child abuse and neglect, family conflict, poverty, HIV/Aids, alcohol and drug abuse, and also provides residential care to children and older persons.


  • Registered Welfare Organisation (Section 13, Act 110/1978).
  • Registered Non-Profit Company (Act 71/2008, as amended). Registration No: 1995/008030/08.
  • Registered Non-Profit Organisation (Act 71/1997). Registration No: 002-059 NPO.
  • Registered Public Benefit Organisation. (Section 30, Act 58/1962). Registration No: PBO 930 003 679