Biological Parents

Would you like to trace your biological parents?

This is how to go about it:

On the TV programme Robinson Regstreeks, Freek Robinson recently spoke to persons who had been adopted when they were still babies. The discussion dealt with their need as young persons to know who their biological parents are. Attention was also given to the entire process to be followed by adopted children that wish to trace their biological parents, and the emotions accompanying it. Today NG Welfares phone rang “ a gentleman, who is already 52 years old and has never before felt the need to trace his biological parents, mentioned that, arising from the programme, he started wondering whether he should not perhaps enquire about his descent.

Should there be more of you in such a position, you can go about it as follows:

  1. Contact your nearest social work office of the ASVF, Child Care, Support Council of NG Welfare/CMR (welfare organisation of the NG Church).
  2. Arrange an appointment with the social worker and say you would like to do a decent interpretation.
  3. Give as much information you have at your disposal. If you have grown up in an NG Church or Reformed Church home, chances are that the adoption was done by the welfare organisation of the NG Church. In the case of members of the Hervormde Kerk, you should perhaps contact the Support Council.
  4. The town where you were born also is an important link. Chances are that a welfare organization in the town involved had dealt with the adoption.

For any further information, send an email to