Community Work Programmes

Emanang Nokeng Community Work Services

We have facilities available in the West-Rand, the Vaal-Region and North West.

Emanang Nokeng Community Work Services of NG Welfare reaches out to people in the broader community, who are mostly not on the case load of a welfare organisation. Groups in the community are mobilised and empowered to address problems in the community by themselves. The main aim is to improve the community’s general quality of life. Hence community work focuses on early identification and prevention of social problems.

A variety of programmes are presented. The focus is on the prevention and alleviation of poverty, protection of vulnerable groups such as children and women as well as on the impact of HIV and Aids on people’s lives. The aim is directed at development, empowerment, education, awareness or social change.

Examples of such programmes are income-generating projects such as learning handicraft skills and vegetable gardens that had been laid out. Role-players in the community are also mobilised to do something about the social problems themselves, such as HIV, Aids and child neglect in their communities. NG Welfare is thus involved in mentorship programmes at several day-care centres for neglected, poor and orphaned children, as well as for children affected by tuberculosis, HIV and Aids.

Thanks to funding from the Global Fund, NG Welfare could provide a new dimension to the quality of these programmes launched in the community. This made it possible to deploy 5 volunteers that could render home-based care and 6 volunteers that could act as child care workers in the community.

Important preventive work is done by means of feeding programmes as well as projects conveying life skills which especially taught children and youths how to protect themselves against social problems and crime. Examples are holiday projects and activities during National Child Protection Week, National Women’s Day and the International day for HIV and Aids.

Awareness campaigns regarding the services NG Welfare render and also the services of other role-players in the community fulfil an important role. Especially in rural areas the communities are not always informed about the resources available to them to improve their living conditions, or how to avail themselves of it.

Child Protection Programmes 

To protect vulnerable orphans and other children in high-risk circumstances by:

  • Presenting Programmes that prevent neglect, exploitation, maltreatment or insufficient supervision of children.
  • Rendering services to children that have been identified as being vulnerable; this includes children affected by or infected with HIV and Aids.
  • Managing Day Care Centres, which is an important activity with a view to protect children and provide in their basic needs.

Support for families

To extend the capacity and independence of families by:

  • Presenting programmes that strengthen and support families and extend their capacity with a view to prevent the malfunctioning of families and to improve the general well-being of families.

Development of resources

The aim of community work is to mobilise the community to address the social problems within their communities. The focus is on: Mentorship programmes for developing, community-based organisations and projects.

The community still have ownership but are supported by means of expertise and support in order to reach their full potential.

The members of staff aim at staying informed about the development in the field of study in social work. Volunteers form an integral part of the general service delivery and also receive training in order to equip them with the skills to serve the community