Emanang Nokeng Vaal-Region

Child Protection Programmes

Holiday Projects

Holiday projects are presented in Sicelo (Meyerton), in the rural areas on the outskirts of Vereeniging, as well as in Vanderbijlpark and Polokong.

Life skills programmes

Life skills programmes for children and the youth is presented in the rural areas of Vereeniging (Mooilande/Suikerbos region), as well as in Polokong, a community on the outskirts of Sebokeng. With the presentation of life skills programmes children is equipped with skills to enhance their quality of life and protect themselves against crimes such as child abuse and sexual exploitation.

Support for families

  • The main aim of support to families is to prevent statutory intervention by which the children have to be placed in alternative care. Families are equipped to provide in their families needs.
  • Provision of food and clothing
  • Families from poverty stricken areas are supported with nutrition and clothing whenever resources are available.
  • Parental guidance
  • Groups for mothers are presented in Vereeniging to enhance their parental skills.
  • Brothers for Life is a group in Polokong to enhance men’s parental skills and to equip them with skills to lay a strong foundation as leader of the family.
  • Home Based Care Project in Vereeniging
  • Home based care workers support families who have to take care of a terminally ill patient in the house. The focus is on those terminally ill because of HIV-related diseases and tuberculosis.
  • Skills development projects
  • Art, crafts and needlework project is presented in Vanderbijlpark for women from poverty-stricken areas.
  • A sustainable agricultural forms part of the activities in the Vereeniging rural area.
  • This projects equipped people with the skills to provide in their own families basic needs as well as to earn an income for them.

Development Resources

More privileged communities are motivated and mobilised to become involved in disadvantaged communities.

Because communities are mobilised to address the social problems within their own communities, volunteers in different communities are recruited and trained on a continuous basis.

Upcoming community-based organisations can also approach Emanang Nokeng West Rand for mentorship activities. These upcoming and developmental organisations are mentored up to a level where they could function independent and sustainable.