NG Welfare Vanderbijlpark (074-515 NPO)

Where do we work and what services do we offer?


NG Welfare Vanderbijlpark was established during 1959 and in the course of 1996 the services were extended to Polokong, a neighbouring informal settlement. This office renders social work services to all churches, races and cultures living in our field of activity:
Apart from the individual case work done by the social workers, the following projects are also presented:

  • Clothing room/fundraising project: A well-equipped clothing room is organised and is managed by volunteers. Office clients receive clothing free of charge, but outsiders do pay a small amount. Once a month a clothing sale is held where any member of the public can also purchase.
  • Food project: Soup, bread and cooked meals are prepared by volunteers and given to needy individuals and families. Food parcels are also distributed to certain families, following an investigation into their circumstances.
  • Christmas project: A Christmas party is held in Vanderbijlpark for children on the case load. Annually, approximately 60 children are involved in this Christmas project.
  • Winter Hope project: This project is presented in collaboration with the Community Chest. Blankets and track suits/shoes are given to needy children.
    Social Group work also takes place in both the Vanderbijlpark and Polokong areas and entails that which is set out below:
  • Groups for foster parents to equip them with the necessary skills for dealing with traumatised children in their care.
  • Parent guidance is given to parents to get them to function better or to restore the families, for instance a group for moms with babies and young children to teach them parenthood skills
  • A group named Masibamisane was established for men in the Polokong residential area so as to empower them with knowledge and skills.
  • A project was launched at Radipeu School in Polokong to empower children with life skills and to teach them how to protect themselves against social problems and crime.
  • A needlework group of approximately 12 ladies gather on a weekly basis to be taught how to make articles by means of which to generate an income for themselves.

Volunteers from the congregations and the community take hands with the social workers to assist them in making a difference in people’s lives. During the past year (2013- 2014), 8 volunteers were involved in this office. The volunteers mainly assisted with making up food parcels and distributing clothing. Members of the office’s advisory board also render basic services of inestimable value on a voluntary basis in terms of expertise and spiritual and moral support.
Marketing: A visual presentation is made in different churches by a social worker, at the request of the parsons. Such presentations often lead to positive reaction from the congregations.

The office is truly thankful for all grants and donations from the community.
NG Welfare makes use of a debit order system for those wishing to make a monthly monitory contribution. Feel free to contact the office for more information.
The office has a Therapy Room which is rented out privately for Therapeutic Services and -Assessments.



Administrative officer
Leonie Lessing


Social workers
Anet Hoof
Ntombi Ntlane
Anita Olivier
Ilse Oosthuizen



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C/o JJ Smith & FW Reitz Street


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PO Box 282


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Tel: 016 981 1044
Fax: 016 981 1046