Services for the Elderly

  • NG Welfares 9 homes for older persons and 1 service centre renders extensive professional elderly care services.
  • Hence services especially focus on the needs of weakened older persons from all population groups that are taken care of by professional nursing staff on an around the clock basis.
  • Self-caring, economically independent older persons are also additionally accommodated in flats or rooms.
  • Infrastructure permitting, weakened, adult physically disabled persons are also admitted.
  • Some homes also have sections for dementia illnesses such as Alzheimer.
  • Temporary caring services are also undertaken, e.g. after hospitalization or during family holidays.
  • There are also homes that operate a daycare service for older persons that live with their families but that are at work all day long.
  • Some of the homes also have outreach programmes to the broad community, for instance, feeding programmes, clinic services, care services and some also present empowerment programmes by means of which women in impoverished communities are trained in skills so that they can generate an income for their own families. This also occasionally leads to job creation within these communities.